“Meantime,” the inaugural entry in the series by the Frank Kimbrough Quintet, sets a high musical bar... The sound is beautifully crisp, and the packaging — with work by the French photographer Bernard Plossu and the American poet Tracy K. Smith — is elegant and spare. So there’s reason to look forward to future releases, including a solo piano album by Jack DeJohnette (in April) and a quartet album by the saxophonist Noah Preminger (in June).
--The New York Times

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“The kind of music we record is intimately linked to the way we record it. A sound that is elegant and uncluttered. The carefully chosen note more precious than the explosion of scales. Melody is king here. Simplicity and sophistication, never drifting into intellectualisation. Music that is designed instead of fussily constructed. The real sound of musicians playing in a space together, rather than the post production assemblage of disparate parts. Creating the freedom and the space to hear a finger on the bass string, the weight of a hand through the piano, the breadth of tone in the sax and the timbre of a ride cymbal. The warmth of a gorgeous tone and the burn of a locked in tempo.
We have faith that a beautiful melody, beautifully recorded will always find a home.”

All photos ©William Semeraro

Frank Kimbrough - Meantime
Frank Kimbrough - Meantime